RAP EXPORT & LOGISTICS CORP., is a business established in Miami, Florida - USA. We are a major wholesale exporter of auto parts and carry a large variety of original and aftermarket auto parts. We service the international markets at the best wholesale prices anywhere. RAP EXPORT & LOGISTICS CORP., can provide you with all your auto parts needs. We carry original equipment parts, auto glass and accessories for all makes and models. We have a full line of body parts for salvaged vehicles as well. Consult us before buying your aftermarket parts. We can also take care of your wholesale needs for motor oil, coolant, and other similar products for automobiles. We also have access to a large inventory of used parts from the biggest suppliers of the east coast and around the country.



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At RAP EXPORT & LOGISTICS CORP., we realize that price alone is not enough when it comes to satisfying the customer. We are dedicated to service and provide fast, efficient and knowledgeable service. Our goal is to insure that our Auto Parts Specialist help you find the right part and ship it has quickly as possible. Most parts are procces within 24 hours. We will also provide shipping, packing and delivery to the airport or freight Forwarder at an extra cost. Courteous efficient service provided by knowledgeable people, and selling at the best prices, is what has kept RAP EXPORT & LOGISTICS CORP., in business and is the reason we continue to grow. We want your experience with RAP EXPORT & LOGISTICS CORP., to exceed your expectations.


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